Night Walking Tour of Chinatown & North Beach


Type: Sightseeing Tour
Duration: 2 hours
Price Starting at: $69.00
Seasonal: No

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Sightseeing Tour


On their own, Chinatown and North Beach stir your senses. Together, they awaken you to new flavors, new cultures, and to parts of your heart. You'll start by exploring Chinatown by twilight, including tasting dim sum from one of the oldest bakeries in Chinatown. Delve into Chinese mysticism and culture, as you explore local sculpture and architecture.

Tea is to Chinatown as North Beach is to coffee and you'll try both. Search out authentic Chinese and Italian crafts and pottery and uncover their hidden secrets only intrepid locals know. You'll be astonished by the new finds in secret alcoves.

You are going to try some of the best coffee, dim sum, and other food on this approximately three-hour tour. And for the full meal that follows, with multiple courses, you'll have the option of dinner at San Francisco's best Italian Restaurant with wine, desert and several courses, at a restaurant that's recently been rated as one of the best Italian restaurants in San Francisco, or Chinese, from of the City's favorite local Chinese restaurants. After every course, you'll swear that the food was so incredible that nothing could be better, only to find out that the following dish tops it.

Please note: You now have the option of enjoying your free meal at anytime, either right after the tour, that evening, two days later, or two weeks later! The result is that you can enjoy the tour, eat a lot of food on the tour, and then enjoy the free meal anytime you want!

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