San Francisco Go-Go & Sex History Tour


Type: Night Tour
Duration: 4 hours
Price Starting at: $68.99
Seasonal: No

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Night Tour


This tour is for anyone interested in learning about the secret, and not-so-secret, life of San Francisco's sexual history. San Francisco has always been on the frontier in America, from the Forty-niners that founded the city in 1849, to sex workers and madams helping them lighten their wallets, to the same-sex marriages that recently made news around the world, this tour will touch on them all. If you have an open mind and a sense of humor, you should have a good time learning about the rich sexual history of "Babylon by the Bay".

On this tour you will hear stories of the early days, when San Francisco was wilder and further west than the rest of America (and it still is); visit some unusual sexually-oriented shops, bars and nightclubs of San Francisco; see famous buildings, sculptures, monuments, and neighborhoods in a brand new ligh; re-visit the Summer of Love in Haight-Ashbury where the sexual revolution began; have a few laughs, pick up some souvenirs, and take some photos.

Tour highlights include Operation Midnight Climax Top Secret CIA Operation involving sex, LSD, and Martinis; "Cable Car Named Desire" Cable Car Accident Turns Woman Into a Nymphomaniac; Sex in Public? Take a Private Tour of the largest Sex Club in the world (before it's open for business of course); Antique Vibrator Museum (that strange object in Grandma's closet was probably prescribed by her physician)...and much, much more!

This tour contains Adult Content and is suitable for persons aged 21 years and over.

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